Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kawasakis Still Suck

Not that I particularly dislike them on the street or anything, but come on. Kawasaki supposedly poured its heart and soul and lots of money into becoming a serious force in World Superbike.

They withdrew from MotoGP (after consistently running at the back of the pack). At the beginning of every World Superbike race for the past several years you could see a nearly comedic sea of neon green lagging 5 seconds behind everyone before the first corner. I can see why they wanted to just focus on this and get it right.

Yet what did was see last weekend at Philip Island? This was the all-new Ninja that's supposed to be tickling the BMW S1000RR's horsepower levels and has been relabelled "ZX" explicitly - a race bike - , while the new "Ninja 1000" assumes the former's former dual street/race role. This is a team that's been in Superbike since the early days in some shape or form.

Yet what did we see? A sea of neon green at the back of the pack. What is the deal?


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